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Tarot Tuesday Messages

The cards I got for the collective today…

Page of Swords: There’s some stubborn information coming into your life, potentially from a very strong youthful perspective. Information gained from the swords of truth is always valuable but not always pleasurable.

Crocodile: Power, Tenacity, Protection. Crocodile energy will serve you to embrace the raw and unpredictable strength within. (The Sacred World Oracle)

Blue Lace Agate: Just RELAX! Nip any rising signs of anxiety or burnout because of the overwhelming drama available to consume. There is a need to calmly reset your nervous system…

Quartz: “I am clear” say it in meditation until you actually start to relax. The message from the crystals has been clear today, we need to act to calm down and clarify our minds. I was an emotional wreck today and I turned to the cards for us today in written form instead of a video to share the good vibes but spare my body. We’ve had a big solar flare again today, so if you’re feeling off today too, you may want to look into that flare. Much love and support to ya! Thank you for being on my paid Patreon newsletter, it’s great to earn from true community members! to join now!

Yours truly, Alexis of Ascension Diaries

I also filmed this short this morning if you want to see a potent sunrise moment!

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