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Tarot Tuesday 🐝

Hi neighbors, so I wanted to promote my telegram to y’all just in case you aren’t there yet...

This week’s card is the Pope or hierophant major arcana card. There will be a wise person entering your life to help you out with some issues you’re having. They’re wise, spiritual and ‘old soul’ responsible. Allow a friendly exchange with these beings as often as possible, they carry great perspective!

Thank you for being here and I have to figure out when I’ll be live next, I’m sensing some potential for a wisdom Wednesday stream but every time I seem to say ahead of time I get too zapped to follow through. Live streaming is such a delicate artform. I have no idea how people stay on schedules and plow through hours of being recorded. Extroverts surely outperform me haha but that’s ok, I’m having the best time in sessions with people this week doing major healing work for the soul family. Preparing us to break this next glass ceiling as they say... much to launch in 2022...

Off to do my psychic things,

See you soon 🌸🏝🐝


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