Surprise Card Reading & Important Announcement

Lord Shiva says heyyy

#oraclereading #freereading

✅Tomorrow I will be emailing all or

monthly paying members WHEN & WHERE I will be live for “Tarot Tuesday”

where I will be giving free readings for anyone present!

It’s my honor to serve the ascensiondiaries fam

Get your membership before tomorrow to jump into the fun!

Thank you for joining my monthly donation community to help me give the love online 24/7!

I’d recommend you join on my Patreon if youd like to donate monthly, and haven’t committed yet, this may seem counter intuitive but I’m finding patreon to be a better service for me at this time!

Please donate and help what you feel I deserve for the service I provide in your life, and we will be even stevens energetically. I want to give freely my work and be supported gracefully by the community in return. Give what you can and share my work it helps so much!

My true goal is to reach new bright minds with this conversation, the money helps me take care of myself while I do my service to others Daily.

our telegram channel and chat is free and has announcements available but not when and where until the time starts..

so much love and remember,


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